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Stormwater Utility
Adams County Stormwater Utility (SWU) was established in 2012. The SWU assesses an annual user fee to all properties located within the service area. The stormwater utility is an independent funding mechanism to pay for the cost of services related to the implementation of the Stormwater Management Program.

The SWU service area encompasses properties within unincorporated Adams County. This area is bordered on the north, south and west by the County boundary. The eastern boundary of the service area is bordered by Schumaker Road (near Denver International Airport). This area excludes any properties within the city limits of the following municipalities: Aurora, Northglenn, Thornton, Commerce City, Brighton, Westminster, Federal Heights, Arvada, Bennett and Lochbuie.

The Stormwater Utility, currently provides public drainage services for approximately 27,000 properties and extends approximately 257 square miles (164,480 acres).

Payment Options
 NEW.bmp Online
Payments can be made with a credit card, debit card or electronic check. This link is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted. PAY ONLINE

In Person
The Customer Center office is located at Adams County Government Center, 4430 South Adams County Parkway, 1st Floor Suite W2000B and is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except county holidays). We accept cash, check, money order, debit and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). 

By Mail
We accept checks and money orders by mail, please do not mail cash.
Make checks and money orders payable to: "Adams County Stormwater"

Mail to:

Adams County Stormwater Management Division
4430 S. Adams County Parkway
1st Floor Suite W2000B
Brighton, CO 80601

Please include your customer number on your check.  Send payment with the bottom portion of your statement before the due date using the return envelope provided.

We do not, currently, accept payments over the phone.

How is the fee determined?
Typical Single Family Home Example:
Step 1:
 Calculate the total square feet of impervious area
           1,100 sq ft (roof)
        +    750 sq ft (driveway) 
        +    300 sq ft (patio)
        +    100 sq ft (sidewalk)
           2,250 sq ft total impervious area

Step 2: Calculate the corresponding SWU fee: the total square footage of impervious surface is multiplied by the rate ($0.02004/sq ft)
         2,250 sq ft × $0.02004/sq ft = $45.09/year

Step 3: Compare the calculated SWU fee with the annual cap fee for your property type. The amount you pay is the lesser of the two. 
Note: The calculation above does not apply for multi-family properties such as apartment complexes, or condominiums. In this case, the SWU fee calculated in step 2 is divided by the total number of existing units. 

Important Information

Cap Fee Chart This chart shows the different account types and their capped fee amounts.  Cap fees were determined by calculating the average fee per property classification type as determined by the Assessor's Office.  The cap fees were adopted by the BoCC on April1, 2013 and will remain in place for the 2016 fiscal year.
Flyer (Billing Information) There was information included with your May 1, 2015 annual statement. This portion of the document is related to the billing information.
Flyer (Program Information) There was information included with your May 1, 2015 annual statement. This portion of the document is related to program information.
Informacion sobre la Tarifa y el servicio de drenaje pluvial
Junto con la factura anual que se envio el 1ero de Mayo del 2015 se ha incluido informacion sobre el servicio de drenaje pluvial publico. Este documento tiene informacion relacionada con los terminos de pago de la tarifa e informacion sobre el programa.
Impervious Lookup Your fee is based on the impervious square footage on your property.  To view an interactive map of your property you will need to know your address, or your PIN/PARCEL number.
Impervious Lookup Instructions Instructions for Impervious Lookup.
Service Area Map A map of the stormwater utility service area.  The property in the service area are  in unincorporated Adams County, west of Schumaker Road.
SWU Policy Manual Stormwater Utility Policy Manual
How do I read my bill? Quick reference explaining the most important portions of your annual stormwater utility statement.
FAQs More questions? Please check our FAQ section.
Appeal Form File an appeal if you think your invoice amount is incorrect. Reasons for an appeal include: incorrect property ownership and inaccurate impervious surface area calculation or update of impervious area.
Credit Policy

Credit Report Analysis

Credit Eligibility Report
Adams County current Credit Policy, including previous Credit Report Analysis and Credit Eligibility Report explain which properties may qualify for a credit up to 65% discount on your Stormwater Utility fee.
Credit Application Form You may qualify to receive a discount up to 65% on your Stormwater fee if you provide water quality, water quantity and/or maintenance of regional drainage structures on private property.  File a credit application if you qualify for this discount.
Advisory Board Would you like to be involved with making recommendations to the County regarding the priority of drainage capital improvement projects and infrastructure needs for the Stormwater Utility service area? Apply for the Stormwater Advisory Board. Send an email indicating your interest to Katie Burczek with your contact information.

Change of  Address       

Please contact the Assessor's Office or fill out a change of address form on their web-page Change of Address Form.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Stormwater Utility, please contact the Adams County Stormwater Quality Office at 720.523.6400 or email 
To help improve your experience, please be ready to provide your name, customer number (top right corner of your statement) or address.