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Human Services Transportation
Tools & Guides
The Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC) was established in 2005 to address the specialized transportation needs for citizens of the greater Denver metro area. DRMAC provides a variety of resources including the following:
  • TransitOptions -- quick and easy interactive tool designed to help individuals find specialized transportation that meets each person's specific needs.
  • Getting There Guide -- Compilation of human services transportation providers in the Denver Metro area. Click on the link to access both a media file that explains more about the 'Getting There Guide' as well as links to the publication (English and Spanish versions available).

Primary Human Services Transportation Services
In the urban area, Adams County and communities in the county jointly sponsor A-LIFT, providing mobility services to senior citizens and people with disabilities.  In Brighton and the Tri-Valley communities of Bennett, Strasburg and Watkins, Via Mobility Services provides transportation for elderly and disabled customers as part of its services available to the general public. Additionally, Via offers targeted service to Medicaid-eligible patrons under contract with the regional Medicaid broker.

Visit the county's community transit program page and the below links for services.

Additionally, RTD provides the following services for people with disabilities and seniors. 

New RTD Policy for Wheelchair Accommodations on Buses, effective March 24, 2014

     -- Click here to read press release!
     -- Click here to review the new policy!

Human Services Transportation Planning

As a part of the County's 2035 Transportation Plan, coordinating human services transportation was included under the 'Transit Element.' The mission of the county regarding human services transportation services is to:

        "Coordinate human services transportation so it is more efficient and provides countywide coverage for people with mobility challenges such as older adults, people with disabilities and individuals with low income that is convenient, affordable for users and cost effective for service providers."

Adams County Local Coordinating Council (LCC)

To accomplish this mission, the county retained the services of Christensen Consulting to facilitate the formation of a Local Coordinating Council (LCC). The LCC is designed to coordinate human services transportation in the county to provide efficiency, bring more resources to the county and provide more service to people who need human services transportation.

Click here for a PDF overview of the LCC and human services transportation needs in the county.

If you are interested in helping the county provide better human services transportation, please contact Jeanne or Cindy Christensen for more information.