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Establishing Child Support Orders
How the Process Works
Once paternity has been established and the noncustodial parent has been found, Adams County Child Support Services (CSS) will proceed to establish a child support order. Establishing a child support order is a legal process that results in an order that sets a monthly amount to be paid by the noncustodial parent for the support of the child.

Our office will request financial information on all parties and then review the information using the child support guidelines pursuant to the Colorado Revised Statutes. These guidelines consider factors such as needs of the child and the finances of both parents. The outcome of the guidelines will either be stipulated to by both parties or ordered by the court. All Colorado child support orders emancipate the child at age 19, unless specifically stated otherwise in the order or by further order of the court.

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For additional information about how CSS can help establish child support orders, please contact the Human Services Department at 303.227.2233.