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Business Solutions Group Open Data Catalog - GIS data available for download

Data is currently available for download as an ESRI Shapefile (SHP) to be used with Geographic Information System(GIS) software, or as a KML file for use with Google Earth.

Please see the maps page for PDF maps of many of these layers.

For Parcel data, please contact Margaret Grondalski, GIS Manager for the Adams County Assessor's Office at 720-523-6712 or .

For Aerial Imagery the county participates in a consortium managed by the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG).  The imagery is licensed through DRCOG; to purchase aerials you may visit their page.  Click on the "MapMart " link at the bottom of the page.
Link to DRCOG
 Aviation Overlay  Download SHP  Preview Map
 Commissioner Districts  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 County Boundary  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Fire Districts  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Fire Stations  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Future Landuse  Download SHP  Download KML  
 Lakes  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Landfills  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Libraries  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Monuments  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Parks  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Police Stations  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Railroads  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Rivers  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Roads  Download SHP  Download KML  
 School Districts  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 School Buildings  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Trails  Download SHP  Download KML  
 Water and Sanitation Districts  Download SHP  Download KML  
 Zipcodes  Download SHP  Download KML  Preview Map
 Zoning  Download SHP  Download KML  

Last updated: 1/5/2016.


Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the dataset(s), Adams County cannot be responsible for consequences resulting from omissions or errors in the information and graphic representations made herein.  Users should consult with the Adams County GIS Operations Group to ascertain whether any modifications have been made since the publication of this material.